Photographer Offers 5 Tips for Photography Business Referrals

The portrait photographer also has to show the human model’s mood; but even if this type of photography is based on capturing a person’s facial mood and expressions, the body may also be included in the photograph. In addition, a portrait is not similar to a quick snapshot. The photographer has to adjust the subject in the way that he prefers: looking straight into his camera.  To compete a photography business must get referral business. During a downturn in the economy, the number of photography jobs available are low and the number of photographers seeking to photograph those clients is high. As a result, a photographer needs to market as efficiently as possible in order to maintain his revenue streams.

One of the most effective ways of marketing a photography business is getting referrals from others. This article offers several tips on ways a photographer can obtain referrals that are likely to turn into additional business.

1. Offer incentives. Many times those who are single and will soon be married have friends who are also single and will soon be married. Thus you should offer a referral incentive to every engaged couple who seeks you out to photograph their wedding. Other examples of referrals include offering free prints or a free sitting. The incentive does not need to be large to be effective.

2. Include business cards and a referral form in your print delivery package. A will be motivated to tell others about your great work soon after having the terrific experience of receiving your beautiful images.

3. Talk to those from whom you purchase supplies about referring business to you. Point out that the more work you are doing the more supplies you will need to purchase from them.

4. Setup vendor exchange relationships (this works especially well if you are primarily marketing for weddings). Bridal shops, hair salons, wedding cake bakeries and florists all could participate in referral exchanges.

5. Ask clients who decide not to book with you to offer a referral. These people were interested enough in your work to call. Just because they didn’t choose you doesn’t mean they didn’t like your work and wouldn’t refer you. They may have gone with someone else because of their limited budget, because a friend of a family offered to take pictures, or because of any number of reasons which are not related to you or your work. 

Following the above suggestions will help photographers increase their business through referrals.